PETFON TRACKER                                                     Various

SALE  COTX 9dbi (902-930mhz)                         $40.00

COTX 5dbi + Pulsar cable (860-930mhz)        $50+

COTX 7dbi (902-930mhz)                                      $45

COTX 8dbi (902-930mhz)                                    $52

Pulsar Cable (LMR equivalent )                           $11-$55

COTX Lightning Arrestor                                       $30  

COTX Cavity BPF (Coming Soon)                      $150




   FIRMWARE For The People!

 Thank to the Cooperation between The People’s Miner Team, and COTX: TMPT and COTX present TPMT/COTX Firmware for multiple brands: RAK/MNTD, PANTHERX, SYNCROBIT, SENSECAP, and more.


  • a working local and remote Dashboard
  • Full OTA
  • Fleximining and Alcrymist mining access available
  • View all your hotspot’s status, TS, 24Hr-30 day earnings in one spot
  • No need to use third party hotspot monitoring.
  • See all the Beacons you Witness not just the ones you get paid for.
  • The Networks most Secured Software, and Dashboard.
  • Remote Reboot available with Cloud Dashboard subscription.


COTX/TPMT GUIDE (USE BALENA Etcher NOT Raspberry Pi Imager, Use a 64gb or larger  Sandisk High Endurance, or better Rated Sandisk or equivalent Samsung Micro SDXC card.  )