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 Presenting COTX: ALCRYMIST Edition

A new advancement

in fully integrated Proof of Coverage mining experience with added parallel mining. As  HELIUM is evolving and adopting new ways for HS owners to increase their revenue. We  have materialized that same process into a easy to use, plug and play, crypto mining  experience.

More than Just POC and IoT!!!

Yes, you read that RIGHT…

The COTX x TPMT collaboration will enable you to parallel mine several coins with just one device. Thanks to COTX’s Top Quality, Highly Secure Hardware Platform, TPMT’s unique Parallel Asset Mining can operate alongside COTX’s innovative Fleximining technology. Thanks to this new technological advancement and various partnerships, THE FUTURE OF CRYPTO MINING IS NOW!


The Total Crypto Alcrymi Package

Who wants to invest tens of thousand of dollars in mining equipment that quickly becomes obsolete, while using insane amounts of electricity? The Crypto future is in low energy mining protocols, and web3 mining opportunities. Low Cost Mining Machine, Tokens backed by actual utility and use cases, and all from one MACHINE! Where it can all be tracked from a single, secure, web-interface. THANKS to CoTX and TPMT that future is TODAY!

Hardware Specifications

              • Raspberry Pi 4b SBC
              • 128GB SanDisk High Endurance micro-SDXC Card.
              • Advanced Analog Display
              • Bluetooth & Wifi Capable.
              • 2 x USB 3.0.
              • 1 ETH Port
              • Enhanced 1302 based Lora Module.
              • Included external COTX Cooler.
              • Compatible with Future COTX 5g Upgrade!
              • 4g internal/external, Camera and Audio ports reserved for future use.


TPMT Banner

Software Optimizations

The ALCRYMIST edition ships with a variety of TMPT custom modifications, including:

              • 128GB SanDisk High Endurance, A2 Rated micro-SDXC Card
              • TPMT only upgrades to the base software
              • Custom system configuration edits
              • TPMT P.A.M.* capabilities to bring you increased earning potential.
                *P.A.M. (parallel asset mining)

LoraWan Optimizations

The Alcrymist edition is a new user friendly package which will include the enhanced lora module with onboard SAW filters with optional external COTX Cooler, upgradable to 1/2 TB SD-Card. The Alcrymist edition will include all needed accessories. (for indoor installation and base multi-mining) Visit COTX for TPMT recommended professional deployment accessories.